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Acc. No. Name Perfect MFE.* RefSeq Acc. strand Start Position R_P_ratio# P value
Predicted miRNA align pattern
MIMAT0000998 ebv-miR-BHRF1-3 -45.9 NC_007605.1 + 94462 0.66 0.999831
Target:  5'- uGUGcaGCUUGCAUACgacgCCCGUg- -3'
miRNA:   3'- -CACa-CGAAUGUGUGaa--GGGCAau -5'
MIMAT0000998 ebv-miR-BHRF1-3 -45.9 NC_007605.1 - 43119 1.01 0.054413
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      When operating RNAhybrid, the pipeline first calculates the perfect minimum free energy (Perfect mfe *) of a putative miRNA when the entire putative miRNA binds to a perfectly complementary target site, then it calculates the minimum free energy of RNA duplex (mfe of the miRNA/mRNA duplex), abbreviated as Rd_mfe. An alignment for which the Rd_mfe to its correspondent Perfect mfe ratio (R_P_ratio #) is more than 66% is regarded as a positive alignment as described by Krek et al. (21). The P_value is calculated by RNAhybrid.

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